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RavilKhalilov asked ORA-01102: cannot mount database in EXCLUSIVE mode in AIX after installing da... (Less than a minute ago)
SpaceEnterprise ManagerEricvdS replied (in response to Emerson) Re: What oem actions are needed after a Target DB is upgraded? (15 hours ago)
SpaceJDeveloper and ADF

in Application Development in Java

Timo Hahn replied (in response to 2949184) Re: Can anyone  explain how to configure svn in jdev 12.1.3 (7 minutes ago)
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in Database Application Development

Pranav.shah rated How to pass one table value in to another using java-script:apex oracle 5.0 (5 minutes ago)
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Nahidullah asked How to enable any employee to enter details of his joining to a new assignmen... (9 minutes ago)
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bouye replied (in response to bcbc41da-d830-44c9-963f-388953720e41) Re: how can I remove the symbol in linechart using javafx ? (14 hours ago)
SpaceJava - 18 Sub-spacesBluShadow replied (in response to 2955530) Re: How can I become a java technical architect? (3 days ago)

in Database Application Development

John Stegeman replied (in response to Zumikavvayi) Re: Using CAST Function in PL-SQL (5 minutes ago)
SpaceGeneral EBS Discussion

in E-Business Suite Technology

Bashar. replied (in response to Abhilash K) Re: XML Data displayed blank in IE9 and Firefox (11 minutes ago)
SpaceRecovery Manager (RMAN)

in High Availability

paresh replied (in response to paresh) Re: Validating backups, difference between validate and validate check logical (15 minutes ago)
SpaceSQL Developer

in Database Application Development

Mikael.E replied (in response to Jeff Smith Sqldev Pm-Oracle) Re: [4.1] SQL Developer can't add connection, connection panel empty (4 hours ago)
SpaceApplication Integration Architecture (AIA)

in Fusion Middleware

2804019 asked Which versions of ODI are compatible with AABC PIPS 11.4 and oracle database ... (6 days ago)

in Windows and .NET

Alex.Keh .Product.Manager-Oracle replied (in response to user8600823) Re: Installed ODP.NET Oracle.ManagedDataAccess 12c which supports EF6 getting... (2 days ago)

in SOA & Process Management

Sen2008 replied (in response to Eric Elzinga) Re: Error: XSLT construct '<if>' can have only one  node as a chil... (3 days ago)
SpaceOA Framework

in E-Business Suite Technology

Afaf Aboutabit replied (in response to AnilA) Re: How to capture retrun value of AM Method in CO (3 minutes ago)
GroupUnited Kingdom User Group2955010 asked Payment Gateway Integration with BM CPQ (1 hour ago)
SpaceOracle Database Cloud Service

in Database

User811210-Oracle asked Error when provisioning database using snapclone 12 R4 (1 hour ago)
SpaceGeneral SCM Discussion

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2944400 asked Unable to find item in iProcurement after updating Description (1 hour ago)
SpaceIntegration - Adapters

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878946 asked Cloud adapter SDK (2 weeks ago)
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Steffen Nothmann-Oracle replied (in response to Jose Neto) Re: Memory upgrade M4000 (1 hour ago)