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user2596052 asked How does Oracle client communicate with a database server (7 minutes ago)

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Sandyboy036 replied (in response to matthew_morris) Re: Query regarding Oracle certification for Admin path (7 minutes ago)

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Srini Chavali-Oracle moved Payables | Financial option>Accounting> Freezed Future period value nee... (19 minutes ago)
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user11364207 asked Oracle Database Redaction in a web based app (or OBIEE) (20 minutes ago)

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Srini Chavali-Oracle moved PO form personalization at level to prompt user to pass the project (23 minutes ago)
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Srini Chavali-Oracle moved What is the use of Generate Bug Report in EBS R12.1.3? (24 minutes ago)
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Srini Chavali-Oracle moved Ship Confirm API not working (25 minutes ago)
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jsmith replied (in response to J. Ishikawa) Re: How to correctly lookup a RadioMenuItem node?! (Less than a minute ago)
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oracle.power asked DAC and INFA product lifetime support (29 minutes ago)
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EdStevens replied (in response to 9e001654-ece3-44b2-9c3c-db33cce52e89) Re: How do I create a blank database? (6 minutes ago)
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user7305531 asked Managed server not starting on Weblogic 10.3.6 IBM AIX 7.1 (32 minutes ago)
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Srini Chavali-Oracle moved download oracle db with wget function oraclelinux (33 minutes ago)
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2610246 replied (in response to 942904) Re: Unable to login in EDQP (25 minutes ago)
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2881752 asked Is there any way to start weblogic server with java 7? (38 minutes ago)

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988873 replied (in response to user8729783) Re: How to fetch items from two different item-descriptors ? (10 minutes ago)
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2816224 asked Filetype Map $$NONE$$ Not Working (44 minutes ago)
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JohnGoodwin replied (in response to rickepm) Re: PSU500 --ADF patches (23 minutes ago)
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Srini Chavali-Oracle replied (in response to 2679576) Re: FRM-41839/ Erreur E/S dans fichier tampon d'enregistrement temporaire tmp... (20 minutes ago)