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Export/Import/SQL Loader & External Tables

in Oracle Database

969952 replied (in response to Barbara Boehmer) Re: External table _ adding colums (9 minutes ago)
Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition

in Business Intelligence Foundation

Srini VEERAVALLI replied (in response to 997624) Re: I cannot sum my columns (41 minutes ago)
English - 34 Sub-spaces

in Developer

General Questions

in Oracle Database

rp0428 replied (in response to Test2) Re: Open Chrome upon inserting a row into a Table (2 minutes ago)

in System Management and Integration

N K replied (in response to bs_gill) Re: GoldenGate replication on the same physical server - REPLICAT always ABEN... (1 hour ago)
JavaFX 2.0 and Later

in JavaFX

user2932712 replied (in response to jsmith) Re: Changing the Pagination navigation (1 hour ago)
Hyperion Query and Reporting

in Business Intelligence Foundation

Krishna Kumar K P-Oracle replied (in response to d7fe2883-34c7-498e-ac2e-0dbf0b3f33c9) Re: Hyperion Interactive Reporting on a mySQL Datbase? (31 minutes ago)
Oracle Database Express Edition (XE)

in Oracle Database

Christy H. replied (in response to clcarter) Re: -bash: adrci: command not found (1 hour ago)
Oracle Unified Directory (OUD) & Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition/Sun DSEE

in Identity Management

sandeep.gundap replied (in response to Etienne Remillon) Re: Connection to OIM API: User <Anonymous> has insufficient privileges... (1 hour ago)
SOA Suite

in SOA & Process Management

S.Ananth bookmarked How to Propagate the security context (1 hour ago)
Oracle Linux

in Linux

Dude! replied (in response to decay) Re: ls takes up wide range of CPU usage (1 hour ago)
Technology - OA Framework

in E-Business Suite

GSRM asked Delete icon in Attachment Table not working (2 hours ago)
WebLogic Server - General

in Application Server

Puneeth replied (in response to f7d11c57-4f90-4e03-bcdf-c75b09a218c8) Re: Quick question about System Requirements (2 hours ago)

in Oracle Database

nkandwal asked Guru , Guruji HELP ME is it possible to assign a variable to href :) (2 hours ago)
Technology - Applications Desktop Integrator

in E-Business Suite

Srini Chavali-Oracle replied (in response to Dattatray) Re: oracle web ADI installation files (2 hours ago)
Technology - EBS on Linux

in E-Business Suite

Srini Chavali-Oracle replied (in response to Lori Baysdon) Re: Viewing PDF reports output has improper format (2 hours ago)
Business Intelligence Applications

in Business Intelligence Applications

911309 asked OBIEE Integration with EBS R12 (2 hours ago)
Calc Manager

in Calc Manager

user8003898 asked Can members in business rule prompts be sorted (2 hours ago)
Java Embedded MOOC - 1 Sub-space

in Java Embedded

wizardbj replied (in response to Trinity) Re: Homework 4 - Part 1 (52 minutes ago)

in E-Business Suite

1403048 asked How to Print and Email AP Separate Remittance Advice in R12 (12.1.3) (3 hours ago)