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Henk Vandenbergh-Oracle replied (in response to 2982328) Re: Vdbench journal - amount of memory consumption (2 hours ago)
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2905440 asked Application Deployment fails (3 hours ago)
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Dude! replied (in response to 2610818) Re: Moving Database on ASM from one server to another in AIX (52 minutes ago)

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Pk replied (in response to Anjana J) Re: R12.1.3 - API to update Collector Name on AR Customer (3 hours ago)
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2984534 asked Oracle UCM 10g to 11g Migration issues (3 hours ago)
GroupSRM/Eloqua usersJoel Rothman-Oracle created New Documentation (6 days ago)
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85d2f8e2-5191-4b04-83e9-9f11f83c4e28 asked OCOMC BRM DISTRIBUTED CACHE EXCEPTION (3 hours ago)

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3000652 asked Exadata X-5 (3 hours ago)

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Srini Chavali-Oracle moved How to exclude *.zip-files from Oracle_Text Index creation (3 hours ago)
GroupOracle Marketing Cloud Academypspadaro commented (in response to Rochelle Chan) How to Log In to Eloqua University [Eloqua University FAQ] (28 minutes ago)
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Saeed Hassanpour asked Oracle HTTP Server 12c as a reverse proxy (mod_proxy) (4 hours ago)
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GroupOracle and TCS InitiativesAjayAhuja-Oracle modified TCS Awards (4 hours ago)
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Vandana Shah-Oracle asked How to trim out the leading non-numeric characters out of a field on BI and r... (4 hours ago)
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Rajan.Panchal asked How to find what exactly caused rule loop? (4 hours ago)
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TRHILL replied (in response to TRHILL) Re: How do I change the dates used to filter the heat map screen for a resource? (4 hours ago)
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cmcnabb moved LVM commands going into uninterruptable sleep (4 hours ago)
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budachst replied (in response to lr_new) Re: OVMM 3.2.9 WebLogic console page won't load ... Error 404--Not Found (2 hours ago)

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Satyaveer-Oracle commented (in response to Satyaveer-Oracle) testing blog (4 hours ago)
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