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Sameh Nassar asked Which version of BPM is more stable (7 hours ago)
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jimmy638-Oracle modified Oracle Server X5-4 Configuration Support (7 hours ago)

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DanielKh asked Manual update tables with goldengate (7 hours ago)
GroupComputershareuser12066866 asked The action buttons is disabled from Granted worklist User (3 days ago)
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Carlos Codriansky replied (in response to odie_63) Re: Re: Error SQL: ORA-31038: invalid number "420,05" when extract ... (2 hours ago)
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User9976623-Oracle replied (in response to 2Lee) Re: Exactly which paths are needed to run utilities in the rp/bin dir? (4 hours ago)
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Leo R-Oracle replied (in response to User579817-OC) Re: Setting up of daily proration rules for Assets (2 hours ago)

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2961195 asked Oracle Discoverer Export Fails (7 hours ago)
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ORA_DBA_007-Oracle replied (in response to Catch-22) Re: How to add lines after specific character (5 hours ago)

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Ken Moseby Jensen asked How to handle Machine buildning in a simple way using E1 (8 hours ago)
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2955920 replied (in response to Raviraja-Oracle) Re: Re: Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed. (1 week ago)

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Amandeep Singh Gadiock replied (in response to 2934572) Re: Enable/Disable log debug at specific package level (8 hours ago)
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SaraB asked Restful API :body variable (8 hours ago)
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2961131 asked Remove The Player Bar / The Control Bar in UPK See it! Mode (14 hours ago)
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2937522 asked Need Webservice details for AP Invoice and Payments in SAAS (9 hours ago)
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Srini Chavali-Oracle moved CHANGE ORDER creation went into error (9 hours ago)
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SH replied (in response to usha001) Re: FDMEE default password (7 hours ago)