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SpaceTopliners - 15 Sub-spacesKevin Schulman rated Welcome to Topliners! (1 day ago)
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Navin Ailani-Oracle commented (in response to moniquevdb-Oracle) Ability to reply back on a post from email inbox (2 hours ago)

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odie_63 replied (in response to Reva812) Re: when creating XMLType table - get error ORA-00902 Invalid Datatype (3 hours ago)

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Alex.Keh .Product.Manager-Oracle replied (in response to user6145347) Re: ORA-29972 : user does not have privilege to change/create registration (11 hours ago)
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Artem Danielov replied (in response to Dude!) Re: NFS mount configuration for ASM in OL/Redhat 7 (3 hours ago)

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mdaniyalk replied (in response to 2672194) Re: Can we connect telnet via desktop for WMS R12? If yes then how can we do it. (4 days ago)

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SPA09 replied (in response to T_Tom) Re: Active-Active database implementation with two Exadata half racks (22 hours ago)
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Cyrus Gojo replied (in response to Daniel Merchán) Re: Deploying webcenter portlet producer application (3 hours ago)
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Pascal Kreyer-Oracle replied (in response to 1389519) Re: CVE-2015-5477 BIND DNS bug (3 hours ago)
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Eloqua Experts commented How to: Deleting Contacts from your Eloqua10 Database (27 minutes ago)
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2752605 replied (in response to Eze-Oracle) Re: T5-4 LDOM mpgroup creation for boot disk (47 minutes ago)
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c83a924c-6d85-4adf-b5a7-6164c240f1d8 replied (in response to rp0428) Re: Can not open file via oracle bfile variable (6 hours ago)
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2969030 replied (in response to user1109591) Re: I am using one of the sample to to build an PIP3A4... (13 hours ago)
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Bashar. replied (in response to 2644019) Re: How can create a prefix for a sequence in Order Management Transactions T... (13 hours ago)
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Mike Kutz replied (in response to Laura Ramsey-Oracle) Re: How do you learn on the job (9 hours ago)

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user5815482 replied (in response to user5815482) Re: Oracle Designer CDD Error (19 minutes ago)
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vitalij zadneprovskij commented Effective Ways to Implement and Use the Singleton Design Pattern (53 minutes ago)