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Ability to view available variables as list to select from based on variable type.


Organization Name

Rogers Communications Canada Inc.


Currently, when we use Variables in formulas in UI or in RPD, we need to know the available variable. This can be improved by loading variables into a Javascript array and made available to be selected as a drop-down list. If the variable name and sample (or the current value of the variable) can be shown as a preview, it will be very useful. 

Use Case and Business Need

Use Case, Analyst wants to use CURRENT_MONTH or PREV_MONTH type logic as a default filter for the time dimension in the analysis. The analyst will not know which variable to use without depending on an Admin or IT to provide information. In a fast-paced self-service environment, this will be an IT ticket and 30min to 1 hr meeting between the analyst and support team. In an organization like ours, we have many Analysts with BI Author role who develop reports and dashboards. It will be great if variables are listed.

More details

Currently, if we have to use a session variable unless the name is correctly used, the error message received is not accurately captured. It shows "default value not defined" instead of "Variable not found". Users should not be allowed to save the report with incorrect Variable names in it. At the moment we can save a report using a non-existent variable.

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