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Catalog file size limit for unarchive option



When you are trying to migrate few catalog folders from one evironment to another in OAC using the Archive and Un-archive method, taking long time. The process is working fine for catalog with less than 1 MB file but for  file the size of 10 MB its shows uploading message for hours.

Upon research found there is  no .catalog file limit.  Now system is going to black circles or browser getting timeout.

#Idea1 : Adding a popup warning message for .catalog file size limit while unarchiving, if exccedes guiding customer to use catalog manager online mode.  

#Idea2: Allowing REST API for this archive / unarchive

Use Case and Business Need

When large .catalog file imported, matainence schedules  are upredictable

Original Idea Number: 92dc3b4d05

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  • Known issue.

    For unarchive, even after gateway timeout the request is being processed on
    server and would over on server after sometime based on the size of archive
    file as the archive file needs a virus scan on server.

    yes, currently there is no feasible to notify to active client when the
    unarchive gets completed on server (user have to assume that it would be over
    after an hour or so).

    Development is already working on the enhancement.