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Enhancement to OAC - We need OAC to support user and group filtering from within the admin console


Organization Name (Required - If you are an Oracle Partner, please provide the organization you are logging the idea on behalf of): OIT Enterprise Engineering, we manage many internal OAC pods for LOBs. We have 25+ pods that are associated to a single IDCS stripe. I have exchanged emails and slacks w. and he advise I log an ER for this enhancement.

Description (Required):

We need the ability to restrict what users and groups an OAC serviceadministrator can or cannot see from the OAC admin console (specifically, Console --> Users and Roles). As you know, currently any OAC admin can see all users and groups in the entire IDCS by browsing Users and Roles.

Use Case and Business Need (Required):

Improved security

Enhancement Request / Service Request: Enhancement

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