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Is there an option in OAC [Visualize Data] to get the filter value inside my calculation?

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Is there any option to use a custom date range in the x-axis of a bar chart rather than calendar month? User must be able to select the start date from filter and month should be calculated 30 days from the selected start date.

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For a dataset with columns date and value we need to plot a bar chart with x axis as month and y axis as aggregate of value. But the x axis should not take calendar month, instead it should get the month start from a filter.

Consider below dataset,

By default, the graph shows bar's for month 2 and 3 with value as aggregate of ‘value’ field.

Default result for sample data set: (x,y) → (February, 35), (March, 50)

We expect to have a date filter to pick the start date and use it as month start date.

If user picks 02/15/2022 as start date then the month should be 30 days from the start date and so on.

Expected result for sample data set: (x,y) → (02/15/2022, 40), (03/15/2022, 35)

Is there any option to get the filter value inside my calculation so that we could create a calculation with the selected start date? Or is there any other way to pass a dynamic value into my calculation?

Bar Chart - Default and Expected behavior