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Person Records Secured By AOR Does Not Restrict Data Reflected In OTBI Reports

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Hello Everyone !

I am trying to secure the data returned by HR_ANALYST job role by using an AOR with a scope of Department. Although, it works fine in the HCM UI i.e.(Person Management) but when the same user accesses OTBI and choose any subject areas and creates an Analysis i.e.(Report), He gets all the data in the system irrespective of the security profiles assigned. How can we restrict his access in OTBI reports ?

Note - The user only has 2 roles, I.e. Employee Abstract role with view all access and HR Analyst data role with Person Security Profile where AOR is enabled with Department Scope.

Version (include the version you are using, if applicable):

21 D


  • Hi All,

    This issue is now resolved. Incase anyone is facing the same, Kindly check the person security profile of Employee role. It shouldn't have view all worker or people.

    Conclusion : OTBI areas are secured based on the HCM security profiles defined. If anyone is unable to get the desired output in OTBI analysis (Reports), Kindly check PSP of all roles the user has.

    BIP reports can be secured by joining to a secured list view in your select statements. Then, the data returned is determined by the security profiles that are assigned to the roles of the user who's running the report.

  • There is Person Security Profile for Person and Public Person. Which one of the two did you change and what did you change it to?