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Data refresh "Workforce Management - Documents of Record Real Time"

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Hi everyone,

We created a BIP using "Workforce Management - Documents of Record Real Time" subject area. The purpose of this report is to display the documents uploaded on Oracle fusion DOR, post approval by HR.

On testing, we noticed the documents we approved, showed up on the report after around 2 hours.

Is there any setting that sets data refresh lag time? Can we set it to lessen the time lag?

Thanks in advance,



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  • Renuka Nuguru-Oracle
    Renuka Nuguru-Oracle ✭✭✭✭
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    Hi Richi,

    Can you try adding set variable in front of select statement and test the issue. This is going to hit the database instead of cache.


    SELECT .......

    Questions, is there any reason using BIP instead of Analysis report?




  • Thank you, Renuka. I have made the changes, business is testing it at the moment.

    No specific reason for choosing BIP over Analysis. We wanted to have a hands-on/learning experience.

    Thanks again,


  • Ruchi, I would recommend you to go with Analysis report rather than BIP report using with Subject Areas.

    For OTBI analysis report, if you want to bypass the cache and fetch the latest data from database, use below given steps

    1. Log into BI as an administrator user.

    2. Open the issue analysis in Answers.

    3. Move to the Advanced tab.

    4. Paste the following in the Prefix box at the bottom of the screen:


    5. Click Apply SQL

    6. Go to Results tab and Save the report

    Do not use this for all the reports, some of your requirement where you want to see the latest data right away, use only on those reports.


    Advanced Techniques: Set Caching Options for Your Analysis

    You can specify whether cached data is displayed in your analysis if it's available.

    Open the analysis for editing.

    Click the Advanced tab of the analysis editor.

    Use the Bypass BI Presentation Services Cache option to specify a caching policy.

    Clear this option to improve performance by displaying cached data if it’s available. Cached data might be stale if the source data changes rapidly. Select this option to always pull fresh data from the data source, even if cached data is available in the system cache. The analysis might take longer to display if it contains a large amount of data.

    Optional: To disable the cache, enter the following in the Prefix field: