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Feature Friday: Default Map Colors


This exciting Oracle Analytics feature for map layer styling allows you to set custom default colors for data points and map regions and change the thickness of line boundaries within the map visualization. To do this, navigate to the map layer properties pane and select your custom color. This feature is essential because it allows more dynamic customization of visualizations without requiring you to color by an attribute selection. Customizing your visualizations and creating visually captivating dashboards enhances the reader's understanding and commands their attention. 

Watch the attached video to learn more about Default Map Colors in Oracle Analytics


  • Thanks a lot @Andres Quintana-Oracle , maps visualizations are an essential way of exposing dense and rich data on a canvas. Past few updates of Oracle Analytics have greatly enhanced all the formatting controls, allowing to tune multiple aspects : colors, points size, line thickness, outlines, labels, etc... But stay tuned. a lot more is coming up soon...