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OTBI: Inability to search for the Code when Filter by Code and Show Code are used in the Description


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University of California San Diego

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When designing a dashboard prompt, we have the option to use a description column prompt (e.g., "Account Number") along with Filter by Code and Show Code. This allows for the code (the actual account number) to be displayed with the description in the column prompt drop-down selector, as well as utilizing the numeric code in the LSQL to vastly improve query performance compared to the description text.

However, the user is unable to search for the code in the drop down selector, only the description text. The guidance from Oracle is to also use the Enable user to select by Code option, which adds a checkbox under the drop-down selector. If that is checked, then you can search only by code and not by description. This is cumbersome for users, adds more clutter to the dashboard section and goes against streamlined user interface design guidelines.

Please enhance the search capabilities in the selector drop-down for description (with Show Code) to allow for both code and description to be found WITHOUT the need for an additional "toggle" button for only code.

Use Case and Business Need (Required):

Users demand the flexibility and ease-of-use for searching codes and descriptions without the need to "toggle" between modes in a dashboard prompt (which also clutters the display space with extra checkboxes).

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