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iBot Agent OAS Catalog Functionality - Filter by Date/Time/Recipients


Hi there,

Within OAS, there are cases where hundreds of agent iBots are configured within the Catalog. These agent ibots could be used to share content and can be scheduled to run at various dates/times, with a range of email recipients.

There are times when it would be useful to know which ibots are running at a given date/time period, but currently there is no way to do this within the console.

Would it be possible to create a view/filter of all ibots created in the catalog? And to apply a filter based on a "schedule date" and/or "scheduled time"?

E.g., an administrator would like to understand which ibots will fail to send on Friday between 5pm and 6pm, due to scheduled maintenance.

If a view/page existed that describes all agents within the catalog, having the ability filter a page/report to identify all ibots running on a Friday, between 5pm and 6pm would be very helpful in administering the application.

This could also be extended to include email recipients of the agent, which could be utilised as part of an improvement in security/audit process, to ensure only appropriate users are receiving any configured ibots.



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