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12c Briefing Book:Content Type does not update after change of analysis


Hi guys,

my OBIEE version is and I have the following matter:

I created a briefing book consisting of five dashboard pages which include several analysis. When adding the pages I set them to content type = updateable:


When changing some parameters within an analysis which is included whithin the specified briefing book it does not take this new version and it just shows the values / format / style of the previous version which was added to briefing book in the first place.

Therefore I always have to use the work arround by adding the dashboard page to the briefing book again and then I have to delete the old dashboard page from the briefing book so it does not show up again.


First time creation of briefing book "TEST":

- Date of creation: 22.06.2017

- Dashboard "A"

- Includes analysis "1" and analysis "2"

Change of analyis "2":

- Date of creation: 23.06.2017

- Dashboard "A"

- Analysis "1" stays the same

- Analysis "2" has been changed

--> Briefing book will still show the status of 22.06.2017 without the update of analysis "2".

Do you guys also have this bug / feature or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance

Update (28.06.2017): I guess none of you have this situation / impact.