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Hi All ,

I am trying to export report logical sql using but it is giving error as below.

Error : Bad option Specify -fields for -type

Below is the syntax I am using. reference site (

./ -cmd report -online http://obidev1:9502/analytics/saw.dll -credentials creds.txt -forceOutputFile output.lsql -folder "/shared/BI Internal/samplereport" -type "Analysis" "SQL"

we are using OBIEE 12c.

Please help me to resolve the issue.





  • Try running ./ -cmd report -help

    It will gives you the answer you are looking for. The blog post is from 2014, at that time it was 11g. 12c changed various things, but the help command will tell you exactly what it expects for the -fields parameter (which is dependent on the value of -type as well).

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  • Joel Acha
    Joel Acha ✭✭✭✭✭

    In addition to the comments from @Gianni Ceresa & @Christian Berg-Oracle , try taking the double quotes off the Analysis type and adding the fields parameter:

    ./ -cmd report -online http://obidev1:9502/analytics/saw.dll -credentials creds.txt -forceOutputFile output.lsql -folder "/shared/BI Internal/samplereport" -type Analysis -fields "SQL"