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Stress Testing Coherence

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edited Jan 5, 2010 1:34PM in Coherence Support
What are the recommended best practices for stress testing a data grid directly at the service layer?
What is currently available for doing so?


  • Could you provide more information as to what you mean by "the service layer"? Normally, one would have a test harness for the application's service layer, with the ability to load test it. Depending on the use of Coherence, it could provide only a small amount of load on Coherence, or it could be quite intensive. Nonetheless, the tests will not directly hit the Coherence layer, and thus one can monitor and scale (in and out) Coherence independently of the tests to determine how it is reacting to the test.

    One feature that is potentially of use for this is the Coherence Reporter:


    Cameron Purdy | Oracle Coherence
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    Hello user3648644:

    As you are stress testing Coherence, it may be very useful to you to have a real-time performance monitoring tool to aid you in this process. With [Evident ClearStone Live|], you can actively monitor the cluster, all the members (storage-enabled, storage-disabled, *Extends), named caches, services, and much more. Using the ChronoGraph feature, you can compare Coherence performance results across different test runs.

    For Coherence services, ECSL provides you with real-time dashboards for monitoring services aggregated at the cluster level or node by node. For more information, please send email to [email protected]

    Thank you,
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