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OPA use of Custom Reference Tables

user636252 Member Posts: 17
Hi there,

I am working on a Siebel project and we are planning to integrate Siebel with OPA. I have set up the OPA Connector for Siebel and have created a simple workflow which passes some data to OPA rulebase deployed on the Determinations Server (in WebLogic) and then I map the response back to update a record in Siebel. This all works fine.

But I need to know how to return static text back. I was told that you can use Custom Reference tables. Here is the scenario as to what I am trying to achieve:

There will be a list of rules. Each rule will have one or more rule summary and each rule summary will have one decision rationale which holds a detailed description of the rule summary.

So basically I need to write the rules in OPA, and then from Siebel I need to call OPA by passing some input data. OPA should then execute the rules defined, and it should return each rule with all its rule summaries and for each rule summary it should return a decision rationale which is a static paragraph.

I was told that to return the decision rationale, I could use Custom Reference tables but I have no idea how this could work.

Any input from you guys who are the expert on OPA would be very useful, not just about Custom Reference tables but any input as to how I can go about write these rules with this structure: Rule --> Rule Summary --> Decision Rationale

Many thanks in advance,



  • Phil Whitwell-Oracle
    Phil Whitwell-Oracle Member Posts: 42 Employee
    I think I understand what you are trying to achieve but if not then feel free to contact me on [email protected] and you can send through the rulebase and Siebel mapping.

    If you infer an attribute 'The Decision Rationale' in rule table based on the main goal (e.g. The person is eligible for the benefit) as described below and include this as an Attribute Outcome in your mapping ( an optionally include a Decision Report) you will have the text available in the Int Object response in the Connector workflow and you can update Siebel with this the static text returned. There is no need to use Custom Reference tables. If you have long standard text returned you could store the full text as a LOV and have the rules pass back a short form to be 'looked up' in the LOV tables.

    The Decision Rationale
    “static paragraph that describes what happens when a person is eligible for a benefit” The person is eligible for the benefit
    “static paragraph that describes what happens when a person is not eligible for a benefit” The person is not eligible for the benefit
    “static paragraph that explains that the eligibility could not be determined” otherwise
    Phil Whitwell-Oracle
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