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IFS-46114 when running ifsstop

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I am getting a IFS-46114 error when I run ifsstop:

IfsStop> stop server IfsAgents
Invalid server: IfsAgents
IFS-46114: Server name IfsAgents is ambiguous; specify the server identifier: (16416, 16977)

IfsStop> stop server IfsProtocols
Invalid server: IfsProtocols
IFS-46114: Server name IfsProtocols is ambiguous; specify the server identifier: (16415, 16978)

I am guessing these are UNIX pids stored in a file somewhere as these proceses are not running by root on my Sun box. Can I remove the files to clean this up and what files do I need to look at?


Scott Squires


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    3004 Member Posts: 204,171 Green Ribbon
    What happened is that you probably ran ifsstart more than once. Because of this, you now have more than one copy of ServerManager (both with the same name) running on your computer. ifsstop attempts to stop the ServerManager instances BY NAME (just in case you run your own custom ServerManager instance which you don't want to stop when you run our ifsstop script).

    Anyway, here's how you can fix the problem. Use the ifssvrmgr script (run $ORACLE_HOME/ifs/bin/ifssvrmgr) and login as usual. Now, just for kicks, use the "list servers" command. You should see duplicate servers in the listing. To stop everything, issue a "stop servers" command. Then you exit this "blank" ServerManager instance (called DefaultManager).

    JWS may or may not be running; to make sure everything's dead, run ifsstop one more time (you may get an error).

    Finally, use the following command to make sure nothing is running:

    ps -ef | grep jre
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