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General issues regarding the OPA products

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Dear OPA team,

We are evaluating the OPA product for our company. We downloaded it from the Oracle web site.
After a brief introduction with the OPA some issues surfaced:
1.Is it possible create rules programmatic and deploy them to determination server?
2.Is it possible to have more then one conclusion for the same conditions as in the following example:
If the person is pale and the person heart beat rate > 180 Then
a. Call a medic
b. Initiate emergency evacuation procedure.
3.It seems the the Oracle Determination Engine can be fed with a rule base type of 'nrb' file. How can one produce an 'nrb' rules file? Are there any other rule base files or objects that can be used with Oracle Determination Engine? Is it possible to create a rule base that fits the Oracle Determination Engine programmatically?


Doron B.M


  • Anthony Bettanin-Oracle
    Anthony Bettanin-Oracle Member Posts: 77
    edited December 2009
    Hi Doron

    Your three questions are topics we discuss in the OPA boot camp.

    Question 1:

    Programatic rules in OPA are done with a different approach to more technical rules engines that you may already be familiar with. OPA uses a mechanism called Custom Functions which can be called from within natural language rules. Custom functions work across the OPA runtime, ie in the Oracle Determinations Server as well as Oracle Web Determinations and also via the Oracle Determinations Engine APIs for Java and .NET. Assuming you've installed OPA to the default directory, have a look at the OPA runtime help located at C:\Program Files\Oracle\Policy Modeling\help\run\Default.htm and search for "Custom Function" to learn more about how to do this.

    Question 2:

    When writing OPA rules in Excel, then you can specify as many conclusions as you like. For an example, see

    When writing OPA rules in Word, you can only specify one conclusion for each rule. Your example could be represented as:

    Call a medic if
    the person is pale and
    the person's heart beat rate > 180

    Initiate emergency evacuation procedure if
    the person is pale and
    the person's heart beat rate > 180

    However, the conclusion that you specify could be multi-pronged in it's language, for example

    Call a medic then initiate emergency evacuation procedure if
    the person is pale and
    the person's heart beat rate > 180

    Question 3:

    The NRB file is an old OPA rulebase format. Did you download version 10? I'm not sure where you would have come across the reference to an NRB file. The rule base files are created in the output directory for your project using the Build option on the Build menu in Oracle Policy Modeling. This is the only format that the Oracle Determinations Engine uses for rule bases. To see more information about the contents of the output folder, have a look at

    Kind regards

    Anthony Bettanin | Director, Global Partner Enablement, Oracle Policy Automation | Oracle Worldwide Alliances & Channels
    Office: +61 3 8616 3683 | Mobile: +61 434 832 564 | Level 5, 417 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia
    Anthony Bettanin-Oracle
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