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Oracle Policy Automation: public Oracle road show in the United States

Oracle is holding a series of Oracle Policy Automation road show events in the United States in January. Partners and customers are very welcome to attend, free of charge.

There is an evite available online here:

Dates are as follows:

Boston, MA January 12, 2010
Albany, NY January 14, 2010
Harrisburg, PA January 19, 2010
Houston, TX January 21, 2010
Tallahassee, FL January 28, 2010

Further information:

Oracle Briefing
Policy Automation: The New Paradigm

Please join Oracle, Exeter Group, and our Customer the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles

State and Local government is challenged to implement and automate complex, rapidly changing policies as well as to provide consistent advice to citizens across multiple service delivery channels. In response to this challenge, government agencies are embracing a new approach, which takes complex statutes, regulations and policy documentation and very rapidly converts them to decision automation systems.

This session will include a discussion of the challenges faced by government agencies in implementing complex and rapidly changing policies and how the Oracle solution can help. We will also have a special government guest speaker from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles who will discuss their implementation of this solution. This will be followed by a demonstration.

Peter Still
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