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Parent and children accounts in load file

745167 Member Posts: 6
edited Jan 8, 2010 6:16AM in Financial Data Management
I have a load file that contains accounts that would be considered children, along with accounts that would be the parent. Normally I'd only want the children. There are some accounts that could be mapped to the parent in HFM (is that possible???), but there are others that don't map to a single HFM account - hence I only want the children. Can you ignore those records? How?

My suggestion is to reformat the load file...but wondering if there is a way to ignore the parent when it comes in? I could load that to a dummy account in HFM, but that doesn't sound like a great idea.

Any ideas?


  • Arcz
    Arcz Member Posts: 23 Blue Ribbon

    When you define an import format you can skip some records from file.
    "If you want to skip records that contain a certain value, from the Field Name
    list, select Skip, and, in the Expression column, enter a text value."

    Also you can load all elements into FDM, and then in mapping table, map those unwanted(parent) element to "Ignore".
    Those element will be ignored during export to HFM.

    I hope this will help.

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