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The Benefit Plan in the latest OPA release does not seem to work with Siebe

user636252 Member Posts: 17
I've installed the latest version of OPA ( and it came with a Benefit Plan example. The Income Thresholds.xls and Interpretative.dox are missing so it can not be compiled.

Also the OPA Connector Developer Help has a section for this tutorial which explains how to use the Benefit Plan example in Siebel. However I cannot see how by clicking the 'Eligibility' button on HLS Case Form Applet, it is going to call OPA to run the Benefit rules.

Can someone please explain how to get this example working with OPA?

I understand that from Siebel you need to call the 'Policy Automation Assess Workflow' to pass in the relevant data to OPA, but I don't understand how this workflow is being called in the Benefit Plan example? The 'Eligibility' button called a method 'CreateBenefitPlan' which is a user property on 'HLS Case' BC and all it does is a RefreshRecord. So I can't see exactly what is being done behind.


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