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[Best practice] How to call a service from custom Java code



  • 849418
    849418 Member Posts: 3
    I need to acheive the exact same thing, call RESUBMIT_FOR_CONVERSION in workflow. Can you please share your component...Thanks
  • Stijn posted the details of the solution in a previous post. Have you attempted to implement?


    Ryan Sullivan | ECMconsultant
  • 745919
    745919 Member Posts: 39

    I don't have access to this code anymore, so I cannot give you the details, but basically I created a copy of the service definition and made it scriptable, as mentioned in my previous post:
    "I managed to create a (temporary) workaround by creating my own service: >RESUBMIT_FOR_CONVERSION_NO_TRANSACTION.
    I copied the complete service definition from RESUBMIT_FOR_CONVERSION and changed the Access Level to 34, and removed the transaction start and end control flags from the actions. This action can be called from within the Java code using the original calling construction."
  • 849418
    849418 Member Posts: 3
    Thank you, it worked, Now I can call the Service once I removed the tranaction flags (i missed that before) and made the service Scriptable.
    I was trying to UPDATE_DOCINFO of another content item that is not in workflow on approval of the work flowed item and also i needed to replicate that item. I was able to acheive that, but on Approval the original Content item is not moving forward in work flow. Any thoughts.....

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