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iFS and XML documents

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I'm glad iFS is finally out. I scanned
through all the online documents I could
find, but couldn't see anything on what
I am interested in.

I'd like to use Oracle to store XML
documents and retrieve various views
of them. By "documents" I mean actual,
deep, published documents; I don't mean
database records.

Is it expected that the iFS will be used
for this sort of purpose? Can it be? If
so, will the Developer's Guide have info
or am I missing where such info is already


Chris Hamlin


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    3004 Member Posts: 204,171 Green Ribbon
    The Developer's Guide should have the information you need. We are planning our Developer's Kit release (Dev. Guide, JavaDoc, sample code) for mid-May.
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    3004 Member Posts: 204,171 Green Ribbon
    OK, I got the SDK just released and took
    a quick scan. I see that we might need to
    define our own document, with attributes,
    and you can even define embedded attributes.

    But, this seems to be an explosion of the
    DTD structure, and I don't see if we can
    really do this for deep-structured documents
    that aren't basically db stuff.

    For example, almost any element can contain
    math, which can contain lots of
    stuff, including fractions, which can contain
    fractions again, etc. So the abstract
    structure is not strictly a tree, but
    contains cycles. This can be quite deep at

    Is it intended that iFS will be used for such
    stuff, really? And has it ever been used for
    such a purpose? All the examples are very
    simple so I'm wondering whether it is worth
    pursuing. Thanks for any info or pointers.

    Chris Hamlin
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