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chek and fix

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edited Feb 11, 2010 6:28AM in Enterprise Manager
Monitor the size of file uploads from the enterprise agent.
The following lines are some of the output from the ./emctl status agent command containing information regarding the agents uploading files: Total Megabytes of XML files uploaded so far : Number of XML files pending upload: Size of XML files pending upload(MB): Discovering unusual or increased size of file uploads could indicate a malicious agent.

PLz give your suggestion on this

and give your how to check this
how to fix this

very urgent



  • Rob Zoeteweij
    Rob Zoeteweij Member Posts: 1,270
    Upload files size and or amount is (amongs others) related to the number of monitored targets and the monitored target types.
    Because of the fact that not all metric evaluations are done at the same time, one can not simply state that increase of the number or size of files indicates an incorrect functioning of the Agent.
    Also tak ein account that the size of files to be uploaded, depends on events that occur on a monitored target, as these are nog fixed, the size of files to be uploaded will not be fixed.

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