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Tables: users access privileges to resources

707325 Member Posts: 113
edited Feb 11, 2010 11:09AM in Identity Manager

Which table(s) in OIM stores information about user access rights to specific resources (in case of making requests against)?

Thanks in advance!

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  • Sunny.Saxena
    Sunny.Saxena Member Posts: 1,259
    Well I don't believe there is a direct mapping between User-Resource. This is how a resource is visible to an end-user:

    - Either the resource is created as Allow All and Self Request Allowed
    - Or user is a part of an Organization and that Organization is given access to this resource.
    See Organization Details -> Permitted Resources

    Now there is a table which stores mapping of Organization-Resource. This is ACP.

    Hope that was what you wanted to know.


  • Rajiv Dewan
    Rajiv Dewan Member Posts: 5,013 Bronze Crown
    You'll get this information in OUG, OBJ and OBA tables.
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