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migration activities


how can i move the changes has been done at rpd level from dev environment to qa/prod.



  • PeakIndicators_Alastair
    PeakIndicators_Alastair Member Posts: 1,796 Silver Trophy
  • For Migrating RPD Changes, the following 2 methods will be helpful

    Use the Merge Utility on the Admin tool to merge changes from DEV RPD onto the PROD RPD. Update the Connection Pools to the PROD instance using a UDML Script and a existing utility called nqudmlexec. This method is useful when there are many changes made over a period of time.Requires a bit more manual interaction though.

    If we know all the changes made for sure(say like adding a new table,column etc),extract the changed object definition to a UDML script and upload it to the PROD RPD using the existing utility called nqudmlexec.
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