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SMB - etc. next try to get forum support - maybe

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First i want to say that the "IFS-idea" is great.
Now i have several question on IFS:
(posted again - hope there will be an answer)
1.) I've installes IFS 1.081 on NT and its work fine - but there is no SMB-Server, no SMB-DEF-File and i couldnt find it in the installtion jar-files.
where can i found it ???

2.) The NTFS-Server for a local connection did not work (no drive "o") - reason 1.) ??

3.) is it planed that i can put my own authentification-module into IFS? Our product manage businesspartners and sales informations - so our customers want to use that informations on there sites (B2C). So authentification against our datamodel to check if a customer has buy a content is necessary - so for other cms-software we have an ldap-interface -
questions is : can i put ldap into ifs ??

4.) whats the timeline for a international character enabled version ?

5.) can i merge informations from ifs and my own datamodel via SDK ?

6.) I cant find the documentation for the webui-client interface (jsp-programming) - where is it





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    1. SMB is only installed if you are running iFS on Solaris. Windows NT has its own SMB server; we provide an NTFS Server (filesystem driver) so that iFS is available as an "O Drive" in Windows NT.

    2. Be more specific. Check the log files for errors. It has nothing to do with the SMB stuff being missing -- again, that's only installed on Solaris. Did you restart the computer after installing iFS?

    3. I think custom authentication (like LDAP support) is planned, but not for 1.0 or 1.1 though.

    4. version 1.1 will have NLS support

    5. What do you mean?

    6. Download the devkit here on OTN for more information on JSPs and iFS development.
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    Thanks for your answer :-)

    1.,2.) NT-Filesystem now work for me - but if the loading time to get a file in notepad or word is very long - whats the reason ? And if i do large file-operations like copy and paste, the server didnt response.

    4.) When will Version 1.1 be released ?

    5.) I think i can doit with my own renderer for a spezific mime type

    6.) my problem is that in the dokumentation the interface for agents, renderers and parsers is documented, but i didnt find information about the jsp-interface and the used classes


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    There isn't a "JSP-interface", and I thought that using them was documented in the iFS Developer's Guide.

    Anyway, it's easy. You can write a jsp and just stick it anywhere in iFS. If you use the web interface to view iFS and navigate to your jsp, you can click it and it will run. It's that easy. (Actually, by default, only jsps in the /ifs/jsp-bin folder in iFS will be allowed to run, but you can configure that option.)

    The jsp can use the iFS API and any other beans you provide (as long as you place the classes you compile yourself in the $OH/ifs/custom_classes directory on the server).
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    Hi Luis,
    thanks about your answer - with the jsp-interface i mean webui. Ok i have the javadoc and the sdk-documentation, but (i think) to build a new webinterface (cms) to manage the contents the documentation can be a little more specific. (which classes and methods must be used to make check in/out, putting acl's, ..... - now i must analyze the code, but in ifs are a lot of undocumented (only javadoc) methods, which possibly can be used to build a cms.

    Do you know, when ifs 1.1 will be released ? We want to push ifs (and oracle 8i of course - all of ower customer have oracle 7.3) to our customers, which will go to the B2C-market in the near future. And i think its better, that they use 8i/ifs instead of a cmd like hyperwave or vignette. but we live outside us, so we need a 8859-p1 charset.


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