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Batch Scheduler in HFM

user8762230 Member Posts: 51
edited Mar 16, 2010 3:51AM in Financial Consolidation
We have been trying to use the batch scheduler in HFM and have not yet had any luck on having the reports emailed out automatically. It looks like the reports in the batch are running ok but they aren't going to anyone in the specified distribution list. I'm not sure where to start to see if we have everything set up to use this feature. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • Erich Ranz
    Erich Ranz Member Posts: 570
    Do you have your smtp mail server settings input correctly?
  • user8762230
    user8762230 Member Posts: 51
    I'm not sure. Unfortunately I'm not too familar with the IT side of it. This is definitely something that I can have our IT people look into. Do you have any advise on what I can tell them to look for? HFM is new to us and we don't have too many IT people that are knowledgeable about the system. I've tried to look for instructions on how this should be setup but haven't had much luck.
    Thanks for your tip.
  • When you configure Hyperion Shared Services it asks for SMTP server. Have you provided a correct SMTP server at that location, if not then you just have to provide the correct name during the configuration and reconfigure the shared services.

    This should solve the problem
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