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process management color (urgent!!!!)

tony.lee Member Posts: 55
edited Mar 17, 2010 12:03PM in Financial Consolidation
hi all!

when i used the process management control , i am confused that all cells are red ,who can tell me why the cells are not green or yellow?

and what the colors means ?

thank you very much !!!!


  • 758188
    758188 Member Posts: 58

    Red cells means tha you are on an invalid point of view.

    Example : your are working on a Custom1 that is not reference in the account Custom1 Top Member.

    Hope it helps.


  • 712596
    712596 Member Posts: 56

    Following from HFM user guide might be useful

    Using Cell Colors in Data Grids to Determine Status
    Cell colors in data grids indicate additional information about the data. The following table shows the default cell colors in data grids:

    Off-white This is an input cell. You can enter or edit data manually.

    Light green Allows allocations/derived data.

    Medium green This cell is read-only.

    Dark green This cell has no write or read access/derived data.

    Red Invalid intersection of dimension members. You cannot enter data in invalid cells.

    Yellow Yellow indicates one of these conditions:
    Data in the cells has been modified but has not yet been saved.
    The input status is OK, but the status of the adjustment is not OK (CH, CN or TRN). If the status is CN for node level adjustments, you must run Force Calculate Contribution to clear up the adjustment member status.

    Gray This cell contains locked/derived data.

    Blue This is a header cell.

    Black This is the active cell

    This applies to Data grid but I don't think there may be any issue as far as colour RED,, Dark Green are concerned.

  • 750430
    750430 Member Posts: 97
    Red/ orange cells denote that the cross is invalid.

    If you are referring to "PROCESS CONTROL" under data task tab, this may also result if you have a script and value on the validation account as defined in the application setting, while you have not enabled process management (USE SUBMISSION PHASE and SUPPORT SUBMISSION PHASE IN (dimension name) are not ticked)

    typically mismatch in account intersections will not result in process management showing a red colour --- account level invalid intersections result are seen at orange/ red on smartview/ forms/grids which show each member wise detail.
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