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Unable to upload data from FDM to HFM (V

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edited Mar 26, 2010 2:14PM in Financial Data Management
Dear All.

We are using FDM version to upload data into HFM

One of the user from overseas location is not able to load data into HFM from FDM. Upto Data load option he is not getting any issue but once he clicked on Load button to export the data the system start hanging and after 30 minute he is getting time out message. Normally it takes a minute to upload data for other users. He tried from different computer but he is getting same issue in all computer. I tried to export data from my computer with an ID with similar provisioning as he has and I did not get any issue. Only the difference is he is using IE 7 but we also have some other user who are using IE 7 and has similar user provisioning and none of them are getting any such issue.

Incase any of you had faced similar issue and/or able to fix the issue or have any solution for this issue request you to help me with to fix this issue.

Thank you very much for giving your time.




  • user8702914
    user8702914 Member Posts: 52
    Do you think this might be related to the overseas connection?

    I don't know if it will help, but look into increasing the timeout within IIS.

    If you are still getting a timeout, could you create a webservice that kicks off the command line UPSshell.exe to load the data? The overseas employee could then just visit the page everytime he/she wants to load data.

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