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Load Balancer virtual URL not working with analytics page

We have configured Load Balancer virtual URL. But it is working for only iAS. We have Oracle Application Server 10.1.3

Our OBIEE is

Here is the virtual configuration

Listen 7877

+<VirtualHost default:7877>+

+# General setup for the virtual host+
DocumentRoot "/apps_base/obiee/ias/Apache/Apache/htdocs"
ServerAdmin [email protected]
ErrorLog "|/apps_base/obiee/ias/Apache/Apache/bin/rotatelogs /apps_base/obiee/ias/Apache/Apache/logs/error_log 43200"
TransferLog "|/apps_base/obiee/ias/Apache/Apache/bin/rotatelogs /apps_base/obiee/ias/Apache/Apache/logs/access_log 43200"
Port 443

+# SSL Engine Switch:+
+# Enable/Disable SSL for this virtual host.+
SSLEngine on

--- -> WORKS great -> WORKS great -> page cannot be displayed

We have SSO configured. So i do get the SSO login page, but clicking on submit button, I get page cannot be displayed.

Everything works if I disable the load balancer virtual.

THe Load Balancer is configured to listen on 443 and then routes to 7877 on the physical server

Can you assist in this one ??


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