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Advice on how to configure ASM for best performance

user12191212 Member Posts: 7
Hi folks,

Should I enable stripping and redundancy in ASM having a SAN storage that also strips the data? Can I enable stripping in ASM leaving redundancy disabled? We currently have the ASM with no stripping and nor redundancy.

Also, for the migration we think on having the FRA diskgroup on a RAID 1 to content redo and archives, and the DATA diskgroup on RAID 5 to content datafiles, undo, et cetera. Is this reasonable?

Some details: 4 nodes RAC on 11gR1 on linux x86 64bits.

Thanks in advance.



  • 769004
    769004 Member Posts: 3
    Use the SAN's ability to stripe and mirror, RAID10. and use ASM externally managed storage option.

    Performance, with RAID5 there are 3I/O's to disk for each write. If it application is primarily read operations, RAID5 will work.

    Today GB's are getting cheaper, so grab more spindles for your SAN.

  • 514413
    514413 Member Posts: 99
    Point1- I will suggest to think about 11.2g if you are planning to use Linux OS.

    Point2. Use the SAN Box Redundancy and data stripping feature. that will give you good performance.

    Point3- Almost all the SAN Storage comes with Cache facility It means when you are writing the data in Disk Array actually you are writing to Disk Array Cache and getting back response from Cache about write successful. Later Cache write this data to Hard Disks.

    Point4. The More spindles the more performance. Its a Universal truth if you are facing issue with Disk IO bottleneck and using the SAS/SATA/FC Disks.

    Point5. You can think about Solid Disks if you projects is not running out of cash money.

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