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Configuration Required Before A Full Load for Financial Analytics

user12164083 Member Posts: 21
Hi all,

is any configuration necessary before full load for Financial or any other modules or is it enough to run execution plan without any configurations on csv or other files??

Best Regards,


  • No. A lot of configuration is required before your first full load. See Oracle® Business Intelligence Applications Configuration Guide for Informatica PowerCenter Users Version Part Number E14844-01
  • coolmesh84
    coolmesh84 Member Posts: 30
    I am trying to configure OBIA for oracle financial analytics with EBS source data. I am referring to

    oracle configuration document
    [ ]

    and I am at the step in the configuration.

    The steps ask you to modify SQL of certain source qualifier SQ_MTL_TRANSACTION_ACCOUNTS to include transaction_type_id.

    my question is how to edit the sql? and is it ok to edit the seeded sqls?

    If i have to include transaction_type_id in the select statements where I should include it( I mean the order of the selection not affect the ETL behavior?).
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