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Dream Weaver and IFS

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We are having Dream Weaver manage the files on the Desktops of Users
Dream Weaver takes care of tracking the embedded image files in the HTML files.
questiona are
1. Does IF take care of the embedded Image
files (gif, jpgs etc..) and if NO
2. Can Dream Weaver do the file uploads
through IFS

Also when loading content into Database (IFS not in picture here), with only Intermedia in picture, how do we mange to maintain the links of the image files embedded in the HTML files which will be stored in the database?
Or is it that Oracle takes care of this implicitly?

Answers required ASAP
Thank you very much for the same
Would appreciate any links or suggetsions to refernce manual


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    3004 Member Posts: 204,171 Green Ribbon
    We used dreamweaver in the development of iFS's WebUI. You can use either FTP or map the iFS repository as a network drive using SMB.

    Any links to graphics will be retained. It is always best to use relative links as they have a much better chance of being portable.

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