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Applying report filter when using OBIEE web services


Would like to know if it's possible apply report filter when using the web serivce ? Read from Oracle doc that there's this applyReportParams() method in ReportEditingService that could do the job. Can anyone confirm this ?

Currently we've tried to access the report using the WebCatalogService, read the xml and retrieve the result using the XMLViewService successfully. However there's an additional requirement to pass in the report filter on the fly.

Thanks in advance


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  • gerardnico
    gerardnico Business Intelligence Consultant NetherlandsMember Posts: 1,465
    Filter is part of the logical SQL, then you just need to modify your SQL to add the filter.

    In this script for instance,
    you just have to add a filter clause in the query variable.

    No ?
  • 928548
    928548 Member Posts: 43

    Hi Gerardnico,

    I have a question regarding the OBIEE Web Services,

    We are using C # for Automation code to test Obiee Analysis Web Services,while designing filter in C # to call report we are facing difficulty with Presentation Variable using Variable value. Where as it is working fine for Column value.

    Note: The choice list has 2 custom values.

    So please guide me in this regard.



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