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Coherence Cache Load Balancing

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edited Jun 14, 2010 3:42PM in Coherence Support
Hi All,

Please consider the following scenario:

I have 32 physical server host machines.
I have 10 cache servers running with replicated scheme on 10 of the 32 servers.
2000 coherence clients are running which will cluster with the 10 cache servers.
These 2000 clients are my app instances distributed over these 32 physical server hosts.
These clients have listeners configured.
In the event of a cache update these listeners will be activated simultaneously.
So all the 2000 clients will try to read the cache from these 10 cache servers concurrently.

I want to understand how the load of these 2000 clients will be distributed across 10 cache servers.
Is there a configuration which allows us to specify the load balancing scheme?

Please provide any inputs on this.

Thanks & Regards,


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