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Use of clustering and load balancing with OPA

A Gibson
A Gibson Member Posts: 94
Is there any general advice or current users of clustering and/or load balancing with OPA? Is there preferred software, general approaches, pros/cons of each approach? Our projected daily processing is relatively small - a peak estimate of 2285 OPA transactions per hour, but there is a projected monthly batch run with an estimated 182,000 OPA transactions with a thiry minute window to get it done.
Thanks, Allan


  • Davin Fifield-Oracle
    Davin Fifield-Oracle Member, Moderator Posts: 1,032 Employee
    For Determinations Server any software or hardware load-balancing approach will work. Hardware load balancing is generally the most efficient, as it places the least load on the application server, but it's really up to you to decide what is the most maintainable solution for your situation.

    For Web Determinations, you'll need to use an affinity-based load-balancing solution (again either in hardware or software) to ensure each user session is pinned to the same Web Determinations instance.
    Davin Fifield-Oracle
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