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OBIEE to use Excel as source on Solaris/RHEL Box

Hi Folks,

we had a requirement to use excel xls file as data source
while we achieved this and its working on Windows machine where we manaully configured odbc drivers for ms excel files and used that as DSN Source,

how would this achieved while the BI Server is sitting on Solaris/RHEL Server
1. will there be a odbc drivers to be configured (i guess it must be there)
2. how is it to be configured or initialized on solaris/RHEL to configure ms excel drivers
3. how will solaris recongize the xls format or do we have to do this as CSV File format
4. if its has to be recognized as xls, any patch have to applied?

please suggest

i googed but no enough infomation for xls on rhel



  • Turribeach
    Turribeach Member Posts: 2,019 Silver Trophy
    To the best of my knowledge this is not supported. Linux doesn't have any OOTB ODBC drivers. DataDirect sells ODBC drivers for Linux and these are the drivers most vendors use. OBIEE does embbed them but they only support connections to Sybase, Informix and MS SQL (see The best you could probably do is to use an XML data source. The paint and samplesales RPDs use XML files as a data source so if you look at those RPDs in the Linux installation you will see how to set it up.
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