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SOA integration with legacy system(eg Mainframe)using Oracle based products

Hi All,

Recently I have started exploring the SOA products on Oracle Stack (looked into Oracle Service Bus [which was earlier known as ALSB] , Oracle's Enterprise Service Bus [OESB], ALBPM etc). Just wanted to understand SOA Integration the Legacy Environment from Oracle point of view. Currently I have a SOA based system which is based on IBM product suite. The application connects to Mainframe systems.

In short following is how architecture goes :

*Clients ----> Looks for a service on the Java side [ e.g getCreditRating(long clientId) ] ----> Publishes the xml based request to a queue ----> Websphere Message Broker [WMB] retrieves the XML request and sends it to mainframe systems by converting the xml based reques to cobol copybook.*

Mainframe processes the request, sends the output (in the COBOL copy book format) back to the WBM, WBM does the transformation and translation job (typical service bus feature) and converts the COBOL Copy book response format into the XML based response format and writes it back to the queue.

Java Application will read the xml response message from the queue (will do reformatting if required) and send it back to the caller as a response to the original request.

Websphere Message Broker (WMB) is being used as a Service Bus. On WMB side, we define message flows which process the incoming and outgoing messages (based on the logic we define inside it.

So in brief, this is how Mainframe integration has been done in few of the projects I have handled in the past.

Out of curiosity, I am looking for some kind of SOA architecture on Oracle suite (oracle based products, e.g OSB, ESB, ALBPM etc) which involves into legacy integration (e.g integration to Mainframe backend systems).

Lately I have been googling on the same topic, and came to know there are some kind of legacy adapters available for such type of integration. Where do I get these adapters from? (I mean who is the vendor for those adapters? )

I would appreciate if any of the forum members can take the lead on the subject and pls shed some lights on it.

Thanks for your precious time in reading the post.



  • Anuj Dwivedi--Oracle
    Anuj Dwivedi--Oracle Member Posts: 7,077 Employee
    Hello Jameel,
    Where do I get these adapters from? (I mean who is the vendor for those adapters? )
    Oracle itself provide these adapters and it is known as Oracle Legacy Adapters. Legacy adapters integrate Oracle Application Server with legacy and mainframe applications. These adapters include OracleAS Adapter for Tuxedo, OracleAS Adapter for CICS, OracleAS Adapter for VSAM, OracleAS Adapter for IMS/TM, and OracleAS Adapter for IMS/DB.

    You may refer below article to know more about Oracle offerings for integrating legacy systems with SOA -

  • 785892
    785892 Member Posts: 4

    Thanks a ton for your valuable pointers. Will have a look on these.

    Thanks once again.
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