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How to fix problem "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/omg/CORBA/UserException"

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This is a workaround to a problem where running the IFS Configuration Assistant (ifsconfig) fails with this error:
"iFS configuration failed; the following error occurred:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/omg/CORBA/UserException"

This appears to be a problem when the customer has done a "Custom" installation of Oracle8.1.6 (perhaps because the customer is using the database for other applications), and did not choose to install the OEM components (or at least not all of them).

Below is the minimum set of additional installations which must be performed in order to install the files which iFS depends on.
Perform the following steps on your Unix machine where you have installed Oracle 8.1.6.

- Verify that you the following files are NOT present in $ORACLE_HOME/lib (which causes the problem):
+ vbjorb.jar
+ vbjapp.jar
+ vbjtools.jar
- Run the Oracle Universal Installer for 8.1.6 by executing
./RunInstaller from your Installation CD
- On the Available Products page, choose
+ "Oracle8i Enterprise Edition", and select Next
- On the "Installation Types" Page, choose
+ "Custom", and select Next
- On the "Available Product Components" page, choose
+ "Oracle Enterprise Manager Products"
- "Oracle Enterprise Manager Client"
+ "Oracle Enterprise Manager DBA Management Pack"
- You may deselect all other options, and select Next
- On the Summary page, verify that under "New Installations" is
+ "Visigenics ORB 3.4" (among other items)
- Select "Install" to complete the installation
- After the installation is complete, verify that in your $ORACLE_HOME/lib the following files ARE present:
+ vbjorb.jar
+ vbjapp.jar
+ vbjtools.jar
- Rerun the Internet File System Configuration Assistant, by executing:
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