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I know that this version does not support anything but US7ASCII but it is more or less at least "8-bit clean" as I've posted before.
I've been playing with and there is no problem entering 8-bit mail into iFS (just add 8 to the F= string in the Mifs line). I've confirmed this by using context to find 8-bit data and by looking at the mail body in the web-ui.
I have two problems remaining. The first one has to do with 8-bit headers. The 8-bit characters in the header are commonly encoded in iso-8859-1 (in my part of the world) and therefore contain markers like "=iso-8859-1Q" before any 8-bit character that is then encoded in hex. The current version of the iFS-mailer does not understand this convention and therfore, among other things, makes the mail-titles unsearchable with interMedia Text. The Netscape Messenger converts headers like this so it hides the real problem (which is inbound). The web-ui on the other hand knows nothing about this (and shouldn't) so there you see it clearly.
The other problem I ran into has to do with the ImapServer. If the message body is correctly stored in 8-bits in iFS it can be searched and displayed in the web-ui without problems but it gets mixed up in the Imap server. The Imap server converts the message body to quoted printable even if the Content-Transfer-Encoding is set to 8bit. This results in totally unreadable message body in IMAP-clients like Netscape.
I wonder if either of these problems I have described can be fixed by some clever configuration of the existing software or if they are simply to be fixed in 1.1


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