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AQ monitoring

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We are using AQ in a very simple way - a number of queues are generated and external
applications enqueue and dequeue events in the conventional way.

I'm after a way of monitoring the throughput
on these queues, preferably a graphical tool. I can find no documentation on how to do this with the Oracle client tools that come with Enterprise.

Has anyone any hints on how this might be done? Using the Workload generator for example?

Many thanks.

Giles Nelson.


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    3004 Member Posts: 204,171 Green Ribbon
    I dont think there is any Graphical tool currently that can give you throughput details.

    There are some statistical data available in some views for propagation, though. You can also take a look at GV$AQ for some more queue statistics.

    If you are using propagation, you can get some statistics about the differnt schedules in dba_queue_schedules or user_queue_schedules view.
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