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iFS and email

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Hi everyone,
I have many doubts about using and configuring email in do we receive
our messages in iFS??
How can we try it using one of our email accounts ?



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    3004 Member Posts: 204,171 Green Ribbon
    The iFS email component comprises three parts:
    *An IMAP server for handling incoming mail.
    *An SMTP server for internal delivery
    *Sendmail to be used as the Mail Transfer Agent.

    On NT you will need to purchase and install Sendmail 3.0 for NT and install the produc. In the case of Solaris, iFS ships with an open source version of the system.

    The basic setup is handled by the iFS configuration utility. This will accept required information and setup the infrastructure for email.

    Starting the servers will be default start the SMTP and IMAP servers. You can now create mail accounts on a Outlook Express 5.x or Netscape 4.7x client to send and receive email.

    More information is available in chapter 8 of the Setup and Administration Guide
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