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Schedule Workbook in 3.1.25

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Sorry this isn't about the 8i version but somebody besides me must be having problems with this:

I try to schedule a workbook with the user edition of Discoverer 3.1.25 and I get an error message.

When I set my the system date on the client PC to 1999 it works.

The error says PLS-00201: identifier 'EUL$BATCH_PACKAGE124153625.RUN must be declared.

If I go into SQL*PLUS and do
SELECT object_name,object_type
from dba_objects
where object_name like 'EUL$BATCH_PACKAGE%';

I see a package EUL$BATCH_PACKAGE000124153625
Similar to the package name in the error message but the package name in the error message has the leading zeros removed in the number string.

If I set the system date on client PC to 1999 and schedule the work book then my SELECT query on dba_objects will show a package like EUL$BATCH_PACKAGE99012453625.

Since there are no leading zeros in the number string to get stripped off I am able to schedule the workbook.

When the system date is set to year 2000 then I get leading zeros in the number string of the package and an error box reports a problem with a package with the same number string minus the leading zeros.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?

I'm downloading the 8i version as I write this. I will see if the same problem exists for me in 8i. In the mean time I'm hoping somebody can answer my question.

Ed Sherman


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