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How does iFS work?

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I see from the GUI that iFS is like a File system under windows explorer. But I still dont know how it relate to a database. For example, I have a table which has 3 columns, namely:UserID, user_name and sex. Then if I upload a file by using FTP, then do it mean that my file must be a text file and it contains exactly 3 fields with the correct data type, and after uploading this text file, the table in the database will automatically be inserted some rows?
Here is another question: Is the download verion of the iFS is beta version? Or is there any features missing in the download version?


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    When you install iFS into your database, a brand new schema with close to 100 tables is created. You do not create any schema objects yourself. So when you FTP a file to an iFS system, the file is stored in a table in the iFS schema (probably to a BLOB or CLOB column). Each file gets one row in a table. File content and format is irrelevant. To the Database, it is just 1's and 0's in a column.

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    The iFS package available for download here on OTN is the full production release version 1.0 -- no features are missing. This is the real deal ladies and gents!
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