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U45 USB keyboard problems

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I'm having an U45 which shows some serious problems with the attached Sun Type 7 USB keyboard. Every now and when (like 30s or so) whilst typing the keyboard seems to hang and then shows the typed in keys in wrong order or even duplicates the keys several timeees like tihhhs.

I already have replaced the keyboard but this didn't help at all!

$ prtdiag -v
System Configuration: Sun Microsystems sun4u Sun Ultra 45 Workstation
System clock frequency: 200 MHZ
Memory size: 4GB

==================================== CPUs ====================================
CPU Freq Size Implementation Mask Status Location
--- -------- ---------- --------------------- ----- ------ --------
0 1600 MHz 1MB SUNW,UltraSPARC-IIIi 3.4 on-line MB/0

$ uname -a
SunOS frdsol10 5.10 Generic_137137-09 sun4u sparc SUNW,A70

$ head -1 /etc/release
Solaris 10 10/08 s10s_u6wos_07b SPARC

Anyone might shed some light on thisS? Papa Google doesn't want to give me an answer...


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  • A couple of things come to mind.

    But first, are there any entries related to USB in your /ver/adm/messages file?
    You need to look there.

    If there has been accidental damage to the USB ports and their connections to the systemboard, you could be looking at an expensive repair. I suppose you could experiment with adding a powered USB hub in between the system and the keyboard so as to compensate for any inadequacies of where you're attaching that keyboard. It will need to be the sort of hub that has its own AC-to-DC power source and not just be a passive peripheral. (I bought one at Walmart a couple of years ago for $15.)

    However what I actually suspect is that your system is far down-rev on its OBP firmware level. There are a [number of USB related issues from 2006|] noted in the README files of the older OBP patches.

    Those OBP patches are cumulative, so if you just [get the latest one|] you will have all the previous ones rolled into it.
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    807557 Member Posts: 35,835
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    Hi rukbat

    Although my OBP wasn't that much downrev, I have upgraded it to the newest level 4.30.4. This reduced the "hangings" however did not solve the problem completely. Do you have any other idea?

    /var/adm/messages does not show any USB related errors.


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  • A review of the messages file can give you a sense of the viability of the hardware. If you read the file's entries from the beginning if a bootup you will eventually see the line where the keyboard and the mouse get recognized. Then you'll see the syntax related to the UHCI bus and those input peripherals. If subsequent portions of the file do NOT show disconnect/re-connect events, then I'd begin to suspect some software problem.

    That gets a lot more intricate and is beyond my skillset to guide you.
    You'd be probably looking fo some sort of process monitoring. Although exceedingly rare, you may have some malware that is interrupting data flow and making the system "busy".

    It may be time to post a new thread in the General Solaris 10 Forum, or perhaps in the Dtrace Forum. Describe the symptoms again and link the URL to this thread if it's of value.

    Best of luck.
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