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Trouble printing to USB Epson R220

807557 Member Posts: 35,835
Hi everyone. I had had my Sunblade 1000 unused for a while, and the other day, after replacing a defective DVD drive I was able to upgrade it to the latest incarnation of SOL10. I have not had any success whatsoever in making it print to my Epson R220_I have installed SFWcups from an erlier companion CD and Gimpprint 4.2.7, I have also tried with the Blastwave CUPS pkg which is up to 1.3.11 and the same Gimpprint version with mixed results. Blastwave just plain does not work since the cups daemon cannot even be started, and with the older SFWcups I can actually login to the localhost:631 page and configure a printer but I cannot choose a gimpprint driver for it so it just does not work.

Has anyone have had any experience with this matter and know of a proven way to make this work?Right now I just re-installed and have a fresh, unmodified system except for system updates through update manager. TYA to all of you.


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