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Sun Ultra 24 - BIOS Update problem

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edited Aug 8, 2009 10:02PM in Workstations General Discussion
I have a Sun Ultra 24 where I attempted to update the BIOS to v1.5 using the Sun Tools CD v1.3. After successful install and validation of the BIOS, I am at a POST screen where I have the option to press F1 to load default values or F2 to run setup.

The problem is that my USB keyboards are not being recognized. I have tried all USB ports and two different USB keyboards. The system gives a beep, recognizing that the keyboards are being plugged in and out, and the Caps lock LED is lit for just a second, but after that it is not recognized.

The internal LED BIOS POST code is showing "85", indicating (from the Sun manual): 1. USB final initialization. 2. Switch screen back to text mode.

I have also attempted to remove and replace the BIOS battery.

Any other thoughts as to how I can recover my BIOS or get the system to recognize a USB keyboard? I do not have any PS2 ports on this system.

Thanks for any assistance.


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    807557 Member Posts: 35,835
    I posted too soon, I was able to find another way to update the BIOS, and this worked. For some reason, my keyboard would not work earlier to enter the BIOS settings, but I was able to use Ctrl+Home to update the BIOS from my USB flash drive.

    Here are the instructions from the Sun 820-2480-11 document:

    Corrupted BIOS: System Does Not Perform POST
    An interrupted or failed BIOS update, might result in a corrupted BIOS, which could
    cause the system to fail POST and not boot. To resolve this, perform the following
    BIOS recovery procedure:
    1. Copy the file /BIOS/BIOSxxx.ROM from the Tools and Drivers DVD to the
    root directory of a USB flash drive.
    2. On the flash drive, rename the file BIOSxxx.ROM to AMIBOOT.ROM.
    3. Insert USB flash drive into an available USB port on the workstation.
    4. Power on the workstation, press and hold the Ctrl + Home keys, and watch the
    USB flash drive’s access light.
    5. When the flash drive’s access light starts to blink, release the keys.
    6. Follow the onscreen instructions to recover system BIOS.
    This procedure will be added to the Sun Ultra 24 Workstation Service Manual.
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    807557 Member Posts: 35,835
    Question self answered
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